Barbara Berube

Office is clean and professional. Friendly and welcoming. I was a little intimidated about trying acupuncture. Isaac is knowledgeable and caring. He explains everything. I was quite comfortable with him right from the start. You can feel that he really cares about...

Bonita Lehigh

My amazing hair dresser recommended Dr. Mari and Isaac Axtel at Maine Chi about two years ago. Over the past two years, my life has transformed for the better thanks to their work. They both have helped me physically and mentally. I cannot give a higher recommendation...

Laurie Williams

Dr.Isaac is amazing! Moving to Maine from Colorado, I was fortunate to locate the Maine CHI family and immediately experienced the benefits of acupuncture. With Bastyr University training in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Isaac has a wealth of knowledge and techniques to...

April Davis

I've been seeing Dr. Isaac for acupuncture treatments for over a year. I've found these treatments to be extremely effective in treating stress and anxiety. Moreso than talk therapy, and even wellbutrin! Dr. Isaac is attentive, calming, and very informed in his...

Jessica Dyer

Isaac has helped both my spouse and I with several different orthopedic issues with great success. The treatment we have received was thorough and allowed us to return to our normal activity level. Thank you Isaac!

Jenn Williams

I've been going to Isaac Axtell for over a year, he is such a skilled acupuncturist! Plus he offers cupping during the acupuncture session, which is great for deep tissue work. I've seen a huge improvement in my stress and my migraines. Highly recommend!

Heidi Metzger

Dr. Mari is a lifesaver, and the entire staff is wonderfully caring and compassionate. I literally have no idea where I would be if I hadn't found Maine CHI. Fully worth the 2 hour round trip I make for every appointment (and I have a lot of them ­čśĽ). 5 stars is not...

Robin Mathews

I decided to give natural medicine a try and I'm so glad I did. I found out more in one session with Dr Mari than I have in the last few years with my own PCP. Not only does she know her stuff, she is very caring and compassionate and truly cares about your well...

Caroline Harlow

I'm incredibly grateful to have found Maine CHI two years ago. I have struggled for years with muscular pain in my neck and shoulders. Isaac made me comfortable about trying acupuncture and cupping. It brought great relief quickly. I then started to see Dr. Mari who...

Monique Rossignol Stanley

Today marks visit number 5 and 3 weeks without a headache!!! I could not recommend a better place!!! Thank you MCHI!!!

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